Dr. Fazil Azeem

Dr. Fazil Mohamed Azeem

A good doctor cures the disease, but a great doctor cures the cause.

'Passion for the art of Medicine as a service and a responsible commitment to humanity' lives in Dr. Azeem's family. Following the ardent legacy of his father Dr. A.M Fazil, MS, (Gen Surg), Dr. Azeem's most sincere hard work and dedication were rewarded with First Ranks for both Medicine and Surgery in the year 1993, by PSG Institute of Medical Sciences. Thereafter, he finished his training in General Surgery (MS -General Surgery) at Medical College, Trivandrum, India. He obtained Fellowship in General Surgery from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow – FRCS (Glasg). Later, he underwent Specialist training under the London Deanery Training Program for Cardiothoracic Surgery where he worked under eminent surgeons at London Teaching hospitals including Royal Brompton Hospital, Harefield Hospital, St Bartholomews Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital, The London Chest Hospital, and Guys Hospital. On successful completion of training, Dr. Azeem was awarded FRCS – CTH by the Intercollegiate Specialty Board. While he agrees, that his desire to be a medical practitioner was initiated by his father, he dedicates his success to having trained under some of the world-renowned surgeons like Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub, Professor John Pepper and Dr. Neil Moat, from whom he had taken inspiration and surgical techniques in the field of Cardio Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Fazil Azeem
Dr. Fazil Azeem

Dr. Azeem started his professional career as a Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at The Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK. To extend his professional service to his mother country - India, in 2013 he joined the Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Trivandrum as a Senior Consultant Cardio Thoracic Surgeon. He was instrumental in setting up the first ECMO center in this part of India and started a Minimally invasive cardiac surgery program. Subsequently, he worked as Chief Cardio Thoracic Surgeon at Sree Mookambika Medical College, Tamil Nadu, and Director of Structural Heart Surgery at Meitra Hospitals, Kerala. Currently, he is Senior Cardio Thoracic Surgeon at Ananthapuri Hospitals, Trivandrum. He is also a Visiting Consultant Cardio Thoracic Surgeon at PRS Hospitals, Trivandrum, Kerala, Unity Hospital Mangalore, Karnataka and Indiana Hospital, Mangalore, Karnataka. He travels to Kuwait (Ministry of Health) and various other countries to share his expertise and techniques with much needy patients and hospitals.


Dr. Azeem is an expert in Beating Heart Total Arterial Bypass Surgery. This method of Bypass Surgery avoids cuts in the leg and utilizes Arterial grafts taken from the arm (radial artery) and inside the chest wall (Internal mammary artery). Studies have shown that Beating heart surgery using arterial grafts gives the best long-term results with the least post-operative complications, thereby enhancing early recovery. His specialty also includes Mitral Valve Repair techniques and has a success rate of 99% for patients with Non-Rheumatic Mitral valve regurgitation.

Dr. Azeem's area of special interest also incorporates Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery where the operation is done through a very small 2-3 inch incision. This facilitates rapid post-operative recovery and early return to normal life. He also does Complex Aortic Root and Aortic Arch surgery including Hybrid Arch repairs, ECMO, Mediastinoscopy, Lung resections, Thymectomy, Trans catheter valve interventions, Redo Heart Surgeries, and Heart Transplants.

Dr. Azeem believes that 'A surgeon's responsibilities go beyond the surgery itself '. He is well known for his excellent patient-centered approach and believes that the most important thing is to carefully listen, understand the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the patients and their families, to guide them to a better understanding of the problem and to help them take critical decisions. This humane approach to the patients had brought out a high rate of successful outcomes in high-risk and complex procedures. He is amiable and exudes warmth in his relationships with his patients and their families and is most accessible.

Dr. Fazil Azeem

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